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Due to government regulations and to expedite your boarding process, most cruise lines now require passengers to register prior to arriving at the pier.  The registration process consists of providing your citizenship information, passport numbers, birth dates and emergency contact information.  This can be done as early as 9 months prior, so if you haven’t done it yet, go ahead and take care of it now.  To make it easier, we’ve put all the cruise line links to the left.  So, just click on the cruise line you need.

 In order to register, you will need your name, ship, sail date and confirmation number.  The confirmation number is listed on your invoice. 


    For those of you who like to have everything planned before you go on your vacation, some cruise lines also offer other services that you may pre-reserve once you're done with your registering. Some pre-cruise registering options are...

                 Shore Excursions

                 Spa Treatments

                 Specialty Restaurant Reservations

                 Bon Voyage Gifts

                Special Onboard Shows

Since each cruise line and ship is different and offer different amenities, the best way to find out about   what your cruise ship offers is to check online while you are registering or just call and ask your travel counselor at (804) 330-3223.